Tickets are now on sale! Early Bird Sale 25%
15 Mag 2023

Tickets are now on sale!

Remember, 25% discount for the first 10 in-person tickets (only on full tickets) and the first 20 online tickets! Use these promo codes: for coach tickets COACH25 and for virtual tickets VIRTUAL25


How will it work for the new edition?

Convention will be held as last year both in-person and online. About in-person ticket, there will be two different tickets, one for coaches, one for athletes that will compete on 5th January. Registrations only for the competition will be opened later. In the ticket page you can find all info about prices and details.


Why did we think about this solution?

The Padova Pole Vault Convention began as a learning event with the goal of becoming a reference point for coaches that want to expand their knowledge. At the same time, we think that education is also crucial for athletes to increase awareness in what they do and what their coaches demand. And why not, become the coaches of the future. That is why we have decided to give priority to athletes who also want to participate in the convention.


What about the third day?

On the third day, there will be the practical part of the convention. Some speakers will show us some practical exercise, for a duration of two / three hours. How to attend the third day? Easy, buying the in-person ticket!


10 in-person tickets
20 online tickets






Participants who have purchased the “Athlete ticket” but will not take part in the competition, will have to pay for the full ticket.

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