Greg Duplantis

Greg is a practicing oil and gas attorney, former world-class pole vaulter, and accomplished pole vaulting coach. He has
coached several NCAA All-American pole vaulters, including two-time NCAA champion, Lisa Gunnarsson, as well as World Record Holder, Olympic Champion, Mondo Duplantis. Greg has also been a staff coach and frequent lecturer at the National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nevada, since the inception of the event.


Helena Duplantis

Helena a former heptathlete, born and raised in Sweden. She graduated from the Louisiana State University with a BS in
Dietetics and lettered In Track and Field and Volleyball. She is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for World Record
Holder and Olympic Gold Medalist Tokyo 2020 – Armand Duplantis.




  • LSU BS Finance 1986
  • LSU Law Center JD 1996
  • Professional Athlete 1986-1993
  • Practicing Attorney at the firm of Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett 1996-Present
  • Coach and Speaker at National Pole Vault Summit 1998-Present
  • LSU Volunteer Pole Vault Coach 2018-2021



  • LSU BS Dietetics 1990
  • Collegiate Athlete 1985-1990
  • IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • Certified USATF Level 1 Track & Field Coach
  • Certified USATF Level 2 and 3 Sprint & Hurdle Coach
  • LSU Volunteer Pole Vault Coach 2018-2019
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)

Greg and Helena have shared coaching responsibilities for the Olympic Champion since he began pole vaulting at a young age. They are currently sharing coaching responsibilities for Belgian National Record Holder and Olympian, Ben
Broeders since 2022.

Leszek Klima

Leszek Klima was a pole vaulter born in and competing for Poland in the 1970s and 1980s with a PB of 5.40m.

After leaving Poland in 1981 he found a new home in Leverkusen/Germany. Parallel to his own athletic career, he started to coach young athletes who soon achieved performances even better than his own. Over the years, World class athletes like Tim Lobinger (6m00), Danny Ecker (6m00i), Lars Boergeling (5m85), Michael Stolle (5m95) and Silke Spiegelburg (4m82) developed under his guidance. Until today, he is mentoring coaches and athletes from all over the world.

Johan Cassirame

Johan Cassirame obtained Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Science from university of Franche – Comte (France), specialist of physiology and biomechanics.
He manage the biomechanical program from French Federation in pole vault, triple jump and long jump since 2010 for all measurement during competitions, analysis and reporting for coaches. More than 10 000 jumps analyzed with athletes from beginner to world record holder.

Philippe d'Encausse

Philippe, pole vault coach from Clermont-Ferrand, is son of Herve D’Encausse, european record holder in 1967 with 5m28 and in 1967 with 5m37, 3 times Olympian (1964, 1968 and 1972). Philippe started his athlete career at 16, jumping as personal best 5m75 and becoming two times Olympian in Seoul 1988 (8th place) and in Barcelona 1992 (14th place).

In 1996, he ended his career as an international athlete and began his coaching career the following year. After attending INSEP PARIS, the school of sport, he start working for French Athletic Federation in charge of Coach Training. At this moment he is Director of Pole Vault National Center of Clermont-Ferrand since 2003 and French National Pole vault coach, as well as being World Athletic formator of level 1 and 2.

His athletes won 11 medals in major championship (european, world, olympics) and reached 3 top five the last major championship with three different athletes (Eugene, Munich, Istanbul, Budapest).

In addition to his work with Renaud Lavillenie, he has coached the best French pole vaulters of the last 10 years.



Main Female Athletes

  • Marie POISSONNIER | 4m46 (2001)
  • Agnes LIVEBARDON | 4m40 (2002)
  • Marion LOTOUT | 4m60 (2013)
  • Marion FIACK | 4m71 (2015)
  • Elina GIARULACHIS | 4m51 (2022)

Main Male Athletes

  • Jean-Marc TAILHARDAT | 5.70 (1999)
  • Alain ANDJI | 5.85 (2002)
  • Pierre-Charles PEUF | 5.70 (2003)
  • Nicolas GUIGON | 5.75 (2011)
  • Stanley JOSEPH | 5.75 (2011)
  • Renaud LAVILLENIE | 6.16 (2012)
  • Valentin LAVILLENIE | 5.85 (2012)
  • Kevin MENALDO | 5.88 (2017)
  • Ethan CORMONT | 5.82 (2021)
  • Mathieu COLLET | 5.74 (2022)
  • Thibaut COLLET | 5.90 (2022)
  • Anthony AMMIRATI | 5.81 (2022)
  • Alioune SENE | 5.76 (2023)

Herbert Czingon

He started coaching as an athlete at the age of 16, coaching full-time from the age of 26 in 1978. He worked for the German DLV federation in various roles, including PV National Coach, Jumps Head Coach, Head of Coach Education, Head Coach Field Events until October 2012.

Herbert coached many world-class athletes, including Günther Lohre, Nicole Rieger-Humbert, Yvonne Buschbaum, Caroline Hingst, Christine Adams (all GER). From November 2012 to September 2020 he was Head Coach of Pole Vault in Switzerland, in cooperation with Angelica Moser and Dominik Alberto (SUI).

Manfred Menz


Manfred Menz, pole vaulter, is one of the coaches of the Gruppo Asta Padova. Youth sector coach, he is a multifaceted instructor, athletic trainer for CONI, golf and many other disciplines.

He is a kinesiologist with a Master’s degree in Science and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities from the University of Parma with a thesis entitled ‘Ideomotor training in pole vaulting with motor imagery techniques’, presented as speaker in the 2022 Padova Pole Vault Convention.