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Nissolino Corsi is partner of the Padova Pole Vault Convention
21 Nov 2023

Welcome to the family!

Nissolino Corsi is the leading school in Italy in the field of Exams Preparation. Indeed, Nissolino Corsi’s study method is the best ally in order to pass all Military selection tests of Military Exams of the Armed Forces and Police Forces. Moreover, Nissolino Corsi’s offer includes specific preparation for those who intend to face Public Administration Public Exams.

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They provide the tools you need to face the public exams with confidence. Their training is targeted and specific, and is available both in person and online. They guarantee IT and language certifications, and they also support trainees during preparation for the physical tests. During the 30 years since their approach in this world, thanks to their consolidated study method and their constantly updated preparation books, they have helped thousands of young people achieve their goal: to pass the public exams and wear the uniform.

The study method is based on the combination of tradition and modernity. The student is in fact constantly supervised by qualified tutors, able to provide all the fundamental notions in order to pass the public exams. It is precisely on the basis of these and their syllabuses that the course of study is constructed, offering the student the possibility of concentrating and keeping the focus exclusively on the subjects that will be examined. The Preparation Courses can be attended in e-learning mode (accommodating all time requirements and without physical movements), as well as at one of the more than eighty Nissolino Centres throughout Italy.

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